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Aggregated market total

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If you want to stop checking blockfolio every 10 minutes, and get notifications when crypto moons, try the app! (Which isn't done yet)

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The page shows the general moon status according to a gimmicky method. It updates every few minutes so no need to refresh.

Gimmicky method:
It takes the bottom(low) and the top(high) during a timeframe, then places the latest price on that scale, going from -1 (if the latest price is the bottom) or +1 (latest price is the top) or something in between. For example if at first, COIN was 2$, then somewhere dropped to 1$ and the latest price is 1.5$, the score will be dead smack 0. If the last price is 1.75$ it'd be 0.5. Then it takes the results of the different timeframes and calculates this:
(Long * 0.5) + (Medium * 0.34) + (Short * 0.16), and that's the aggregated score.
The top aggregated scores also combine the top 100 coins, weighted by trading volume. The UI only shows the top 10 but the score takes the entire 100, the rest just don't matter as much, volume-wise.

Short - 1 hour (using 5 minute candles)
Medium - 1 day (using 1 hour candles)
Long - 14 days (using 1 day candles)

I'm not sure why you'd want it, but if you're clever you can figure it out.